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How do I go about searching on the site?

How do I find my way around?

The di-arezzo site catalogue is divided into 8 main sections : Classical Scores, Popular Sheet Music, Music Learning, Musical Instruments, Accessories, Bookshop Multimedia, Online Sheet Music, Help

Each section contains sub-sections : New products, Best sellers, Selections

These sections and sub-sections act as filters to help you focus your search in the area concerned.

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Quick Search.

By entering keywords, for example words from a song title or a description of the score you are looking for, our search engine will find all items of sheet music containing your keyword(s).

Please be careful: the quick search function is not immune to spelling mistakes.

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Advanced Search.

The Advanced Search function invites you to enter one or more criteria.

This allows you to define a search through " Whole Catalogue " or in a given section.

You can add other filters such as title, composer, instrument, publisher, di-arezzo reference, or even publisher's catalogue number to help narrow down your search.

By providing a search criterion you limit your search to this field.

Selecting the aide icon will tell you more about the search criterion.

Let's take an example :

You are in the section on " Music Learning "
Searching by section limits the scope of your search to this section.
The " Music Learning " filter prevents the search engine from looking in other sections for sheet music corresponding to your search criteria, " Classical Scores " etc.

If your search produces no results, maybe the score you are looking for is in a different section.

In such a case you would change the section criterion and selecting the one you think is right one or else by selecting the " Whole Catalogue ".

Obviously if you choose fewer criteria, you will get more results.

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What if I don't get any results?

Make sure you have filled in your search criteria correctly.
If your search doesn't produce any results, the product you are looking for is probably not yet indexed in our catalogue, or perhaps you are not looking in a suitable section.
In such a case you would change the section criterion and perform your search in " Whole Catalogue ".
If you still can't find what you're looking for, feel free to get in touch with us either by e-mail or by telephone +33 (0)

We will then look through the catalogues currently under preparation in order to tell you the expected date of availability.

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Further assistance required?

Contact us through this link We will be delighted to reply.

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