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How does delivery work?

Shipping charges

Shipping charges are a contribution to the costs of preparation, packing, and postage.

These are charged at a flat rate and depend on the destination country, the delivery method, and the order value. Some breakable, valuable, heavy or busky items require an additional charge for delivery (special shipment).

The table below shows the prices and deliveries normally applying. These may be changed without notice.
The only contractual delivery charge is the one indicated on di-arezzo’s order acknowledgement.

Choose your country from the following list


DestinationType of shipmentValuePriceShipment methodTrackingDelivery
EnglandEconomyup to 30 €5.45 € (£ 4.80)International Priority Mailnovaries
from 30 € to 65 €8.45 € (£ 7.44)
from 65 € to 100 €11.95 € (£ 10.53)
from 100 € to 130 €15.95 € (£ 14.05)
over 130 €Secured shipping only
Securedup to 30 €10.50 € (£ 9.25)Express Tracked Secured Shippingyes2 - 3
from 30 € to 65 €12.50 € (£ 11.01)
from 65 € to 100 €14.50 € (£ 12.78)
from 100 € to 130 €16.50 € (£ 14.54)
from 130 € to 195 €21.50 € (£ 18.94)
from 195 € to 260 €26.50 € (£ 23.35)
from 260 € to 325 €29.50 € (£ 25.99)
from 325 € to 650 €43.50 € (£ 38.33)
from 650 € to 1300 €69.50 € (£ 61.23)
over 1300 €105.50 € (£ 92.95)

Delivery times are expressed in working days.

Only secure shipments such as "Colissimo" or "Chronopost" are subject to proof of receipt by the customer and thus guaranteed by di-arezzo.
We strongly advise you to use this delivery method.

Economy rate such as "Normal letter post" or "Priority International" have no proof of receipt, therefore the customer accepts full responsibility for any risks incurred through the choice of such delivery methods when ordering.

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Do you deliver items abroad?

di-arezzo delivers to all four corners of the world.

To consult delivery costs for each destination country using the various shipment methods, please consult the section on delivery charges

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How long are typical delivery times?

In France: 2 to 4 days from receipt of your payment depending on product availability and the delivery method chosen.

For European countries: 4 to 10 days from receipt of your payment depending on product availability, the delivery method chosen, and the destination country.

For other countries: 6 to 12 days from receipt of your payment depending on product availability, the delivery method chosen, and the destination country.

A further option allows you to collect your order from our shop in the centre of Paris thus avoiding shipping delays and any associated expenses.

Look up the location of our shop

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Regarding the progress of your order

Enter your user name and password and you will be able to consult the section dealing with Order Progress.

If you opted for any form of registered delivery (Colissimo or DHL), you can see how your delivery work is progressing.

You will find it guides you helpfully to the information you require.

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Further assistance required?

Contact us through this link We will be delighted to reply.

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