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Sheet music for piano - Darius Milhaud - Concerto n° 2 pour pianos et percussion Opus 394

Darius Milhaud - Concerto n° 2 pour pianos et percussion Opus 394 (Sheet music)

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Darius Milhaud

Concerto n 2 pour pianos et percussion Opus 394

  • Instrumentation: 2 Pianos (2 Piano)
  • Material: Partie des pianos (chaque)Sheet music
  • Publisher:
  • Item #:
  • Opus: Opus 394
  • Misc. Information: 2 exemplaires sont ncessaires pour lexcution
  • Sheet music for piano by Darius Milhaud edited by Eschig (Max Eschig) of style symphonic music in our universe "Classical Scores"

Users' ratings : ( 1 comment )

  • Difficulty :4 4 4 4 4  ( 1 rating )
  • Interest :5 5 5 5 5  ( 1 rating )
  • Quality of publication :4 4 4 4 4  ( 1 rating )
  • General Note :4 4 4 4 4  ( 1 rating )

What visitors think about this item :

uk By jgarvue - on Tu 07-31-2012 at 18:04.

Ratings : Difficulty 4, Interest 5, Quality 4, General Note 4

"The Milhaud is such a wonderful piece! Everything about the article was good. The one criticism I have is that there seem to be a few typos. Although the music is certainly pantonal, or at least polymodal, certain notes in the article do not seem to fit naturally. The whole 1st and 2nd mvts are in retrograde form, and although Milhaud changes the modes in each repeated section of the piece there are certain intervalic patterns that seem like they should remain the same but don't in the article, and a number of recordings I have listened to have do not play the "mistakes" as I have called them. Here are a few I found, and anyone who has access to the manuscript should please correct me if I'm wrong. Here they are -


m34: Percussion 1 adds an extra note halfway between caisse claire and caisse roulante on the 4th semiquaver of the 3rd crochet, should probably be a caisse claire hit.
Also in m34, the 1st piano part left hand has a flat sign over no note, it should be adjacent to the E natural, creating a chord of G Eb F in the left hand.

m38: POSSIBLE mistake in first piano part right hand, beginning of 2nd crochet. F natural in the context of a B major tone center is unusual, for the majority of this section, Milhaud uses E# to indicate lydian, instead of F natural. Possibly, the F should be changed to F#

m117: A# and F natural in the 2nd part, left hand should PROBABLY be changed to A natural and F#, when compared to equivalent m32, 1st part left hand

m121: 1st piano, left hand, 2nd crochet chord should have an Eb and F natural, not an E natural and Fb. The chord should read: Bb Eb F, especially when compared to equivalent m24, 2nd part left hand

Unfortunately I have not analyzed any of the movements fully, so I can not say with confidence that those are the only typos.

Overall, however, the quality of the article is great, and I'm very happy that this piece is available. These few mistakes should certainly be addressed though."

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