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Sheet music - Sally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes

Click to enlargeSally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes - (Sheet music)
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Sally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes - Cover
Sally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes - Cover
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Sally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes - Contents 1
Sally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes - Contents 1
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Sally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes - Contents 2
Sally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes - Contents 2
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Sally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes - Contents 3
Sally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes - Contents 3
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Sally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes - Contents 4
Sally Hawley - The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes - Contents 4

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Sally Hawley

The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes

  • Material: BookSheet music
  • Publisher:
    Mel Bay Publications
  • Item #:
  • Difficulty: Beginning-Intermediate
  • Binding: Perfect Bound
  • Number of pages: 256
  • Dimensions: 11.75 x 8.75 inches
  • Weight: 664 gr.

Further information

  • Description:

    This sizeable collection of hammered dulcimer tunes brings together over 225 old-time and Celtic traditional tunes that are commonly heard at gatherings of old-time musicians. This is music that has been passed down vocally, or learned by ear instrumentally, and derived from countries where many of our ancestors originated. Trying to separate American and Celtic traditional music is an impossible task, as so many of the tunes we consider our own are adapted versions of tunes passed on to us from other countries and would fit into either category. This book therefore features favorite selections from both American and Celtic traditions. These instrumental arrangements are written in standard notation only with chord symbols.
  • Contents:

    Allemande Swiss (Square Dance, England) - Am Combra Dunn (Irish Hornpipe) - Angelina Baker (American Fiddle Tune) - Angelworm Wiggle (Michigan Tune) - Arkansas Traveler (American Old Time) - Ash Grove (Welsh Waltz) - Atholl Highlanders March (Scots March) - Belles of Lexington (Old Time Reel) - Bill Cheatham (Old Time/Bluegrass) - Billy in the Low Ground (Old Time/Bluegrass) - Birdie (Old Time/Bluegrass) - Black Velvet Waltz (American Old Time) - Blackberry Blossom (Old Time Fiddle Tune) - Blarney Pilgrim (Irish Jig) - Blind Mary (O'Carolan Irish Aire) - Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (Old Time March) - Bonaparte's Retreat (Old Time March) - Boys of Bluehill (Irish Hornpipe) - Breaking Up Christmas (Old Time Reel) - Brown Button Shoes (Old Time Reel) - Bull Pup (Old Time/Bluegrass) - Bunker Hill (Old Time Reel) - Campbells Are Coming (Scots March) - Campbell's Farewell to Redgap (Scots March) - Captain O'Kane (O'Carolan Irish Aire) - Carrickfergus (Irish Aire) - Castle of Dromore (8th Century Irish Lullaby) - Cedar Lakes Shuffle (S. J. Hawley) - Charlie Hunter (Scots Jig) - Cherokee Shuffle (A Major) (Old Time/Square Dance) - Cherokee Shuffle (D Major) (Old Time/Square Dance) - Chicken Reel (Old Time/Bluegrass) - Childgrove (English Aire) - Chinese Breakdown (Old Time Reel) - Cindy (Old Time/Square Dance) - Cliffs of Moher (Irish Jig) - Cock o' the North (British Isles Reel) - Cold Frosty Morning (Old Time/Bluegrass) - Come Dance and Sing (Old Time/New England) - Cooley's Reel (Irish Reel) - Cotton Eyed Joe (Old Time Fiddle Tune) - Cripple Creek (Old Time Fiddle Tune) - Cronin's Hornpipe (Irish Hornpipe) - Crosses of Anagh (Scots/Irish Reel) - Cuckoo's Nest (Old Time/Celtic) - Cumberland Gap (Old Time Reel) - Curtsy to Your Partner (S. J. Hawley/Square Dance) - Devil Among the Yearlings (Old Time Fiddle Tune) - Devil's Dream (Old Time/Celtic) - Devil's Tea Table (S. J. Hawley/Hornpipe) - Donnybrook Fair (Irish Jig) - Down by the Garden Gate (Old Time Waltz) - Down in the Brae (Scots Strathspey) - Drowsy Maggie (Irish Jig) - Dunphy's Hornpipe (Irish Hornpipe) - Ebenezer (Old Time Fiddle Tune) - Eibhi'i Gheal Ch'in NiChearbail (Ancient Gaelic Aire) - Eighth of January (Old Time Reel) - Elzic's Farewell (Old Time Fiddle Tune) - Fairy Dance (Scots Reel) - Fisher's Hornpipe (Old Time/Celtic) - Flop-Eared Mule (Old Time/Bluegrass) - Flowers of Edinburgh (Scots Reel) - Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (Old Time/Square Dance) - Flying Cloud Cotillion (Old Time/Contra/Square Dance) - Foggy River (S. J. Hawley) - Folding Down the Sheets (Old Time Fiddle/Banjo) - Forked Deer (Old Time Reel) - Gary Owen (Old Time/Irish Reel) - George's Jig (S. J. Hawley) - Gilderoy (Irish Reel) - Gilderoy (embellished) (Irish Reel) - Girl I Left Behind Me (Ancient Celtic Reel) - Glory in the Meeting House (American/Old Time) - Golden Slippers (American/Old Time) - Goodbye Liza Jane (Old Time Reel) - Granny Will Your Dog Bite (Old Time Reel) - Grassy Turf (O'Carolan Irish Reel) - Green Willis (Old Time Hornpipe) - Greensleeves (English Traditional Aire) - Halting March (Irish Military Training March) - Harvest Home (Old Time/Scots Hornpipe) - Haste to the Wedding (Irish Jig) - High Level Hornpipe (Irish Hornpipe) - Highland Fling (Scots Strathspey) - Highland Laddie (Scots) - Home Sweet Home (Old Time/H. B. Bishop) - Hundred Pipers, The (Scots Traditional) - Hunter's Hornpipe (Scots Hornpipe) - I Wonder As I Wander (American Old Time Aire) - If I Had Maggie in The Woods (Irish March) - I'll Tell Me Ma (Irish March) - In the Sally Gardens (Irish Aire) - Indiana Hoe Down (Old Time Hoosier Tune) - Isabella Burke (O'Carolan Irish Aire) - Jamie Allen (English Traditional) - Jaybird (Old Time Polka) - Jaybird (with embellishments) (Old Time Polka) - Jenny Dang the Weaver (Irish Reel) - Jenny Lind Polka (Old Time Polka) - Jig of Slurs (Irish Jig) - Joe Pye Weed (S. J. Hawley) - John Ryan's Polka (Irish Polka) - Joys of Quebec (French Canadian) - Keep the Old Ark A'Moverin' (Old Time Fiddle Tune) - Kerry Dancers (Irish Hornpipe) - Kerry Fling (Irish Reel) - Kesh Jig (Irish Jig) - Kitty's Wedding (Irish Hornpipe) - La Bastrange (French Canadian) - La Belle Catherine (Old Time Aire) - Lannigan's Ball (Irish Reel) - Lass of Petty's Mill (Scots Reel) - Leather Britches (Old Time Reel) - Liberty (American/Old Time Reel) - Liberty (with embellishments) (American/Old Time Reel) - Li'l Liza Jane (Old Time/Square Dance) - Little Burnt Potato (American Jig) - Loch Lavan Castle (British Isles) - Log Cabin Waltz (Old Time/American Waltz) - Loggerman's Breakdown (Old Time Reel) - Loggerman's Breakdown Accompaniment (Old Time Reel) - Lost Indian (American/Old Time) - Machynleth (Welsh March) - Magpie (Old Time Reel) - Maid Behind the Bar (Irish Reel) - Mari's Wedding (Irish Polka) - Marquis of Huntley (Irish Strathspey) - Mason's Apron (Irish Reel) - McCusker's Delight (Scots Hornpipe) - McKinnon Brook (Scots Strathspey) - Merry Blacksmith (Irish Reel) - Mickey Chewing Bubblegum (Old Time Reel) - Minstrel Boy British (Isles Aire) - Miss McLeod's Reel (Scots Reel) - Miss Moore's Rant (English Country Dance) - Mississippi Sawyer (Old Time Reel) - Money Musk (Ancient Celtic Reel) - Monoghan's Jig (Irish Jig) - More Power to Your Elbow (Irish Reel) - Morning of Life (Irish Aire, O'Carolan) - Morrison's Jig (Irish Jig) - Musical Priest (Irish Aire) - My Love Is But a Lassie (Scots Hornpipe) - Ned of the Hill (Irish Aire) - New Rigged Ship (British Isles Traditional) - Nightingale (Irish Aire) - Norwegian Girl (Traditional) - O'Carolan's Dream (O'Carolan, Irish) - O'Donnell's Hornpipe (Irish Hornpipe) - Off to California (Irish Hornpipe) - Old French (Old Time/Celtic Hornpipe) - Old Grey Cat on Tennessee Farm (Old Time/American) - Old Joe Clark (Old Time Reel) - Old Man Dillon (Irish Jig) - Old Molly Hare (Old Time/Scots Reel) - On the Road to Boston (American Fife Tune) - Orange and Blue Jig (Irish Jig) - Ould Orange Flute (Irish Ballad) - Over the Waterfall (Old Time Reel) - Paddy on the Railroad (Irish Reel) - Paddy on the Turnpike (Irish Reel) - Paddy O'Rafferty (Irish Jig) - Paddy Whack (Irish Jig) - Peacock Rag (Old Time Traditional) - Penny Candy (S. J. Hawley) - Petronella (New England Traditional) - Pigtown Fling (Old Time Reel) - Pipe on the Hob (Irish Jig) - Planxty Drew (O'Carolan Irish Aire) - Planxty Fanny Power (O'Carolan Irish Aire) - Planxty Irwin (O'Carolan Irish Aire) - Planxty Maggie Brown (O'Carolan Irish Jig) - Polly Put the Kettle On (Old Time Reel) - Possum Up a Gum Stump (Old Time/American) - Prairie Flower (Old Time Traditional) - Pretty Little Dog (Old Time/Bluegrass) - Puncheon Floor (Old Time/Square Dance) - Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet (Old Time Traditional) - Quilting Party (Old Time American Song) - Rachel (Old Time Fiddle Tune) - Ragtime Annie (Old Time Reel) - Red Apple Rag (Old Time Michigan Tune) - Red Wing (American Old Time Song) - Rickett's Hornpipe (Old Time Hornpipe) - Rights of Man (Irish) (Traditional) - Road to Lisdoonvarna (Irish Jig) - Rose Tree (Irish Aire) - Running the Rapids (Reel) (S. J. Hawley) - Saint Anne's Reel (Scots Reel) - Saint Kilda's Wedding (Irish Polka) - Saint Patrick's Day (Irish Jig) - Sally Hunter of Thurston (Scots/lrish Jig) - Sandy River Belle (Old Time Traditional) - Scholar (Irish Reel) - Scotland the Brave (Scots March) - Scots Mist (Scots Strathspey) - Seamus O'Brien (Irish Ballad) - Sh'Bheag Sh'Mohr (Irish Traditional Aire) - Silver Spear (Irish Jig) - Simple Gifts (American Shaker Hymn) - Sligo Fancy (Irish Hornpipe) - Soldier's Joy (Old Time/Celtic Reel) - Sourwood Mountain (American Old Time) - Southwind (Ancient Gaelic Aire) - Spancil Hill (Irish Aire) - Sparrow in the Tree Top (Old Time Schottische) - Spinning Wheel Tunes Medley (Ancient Irish) - Stack of Barley (Irish Hornpipe) - Star of Munster (Scots/Irish) - Staten Island Hornpipe (Old Time Hornpipe) - Swallowtail Jig (Irish Jig) - Sweet Richard (English Country Dance) - Sweet Sixteen (Old Time/Scots Hornpipe) - Temperance Reel (Old Time Reel) - Temperance Reel (Old Time and Irish) - Ten Penny Bit (Irish Jig) - The Inverness Gathering (Scots Traditional) - The Touchstone (English Country Dance) - Tobin's Jig (Irish Jig) - Top O Cork Road (Irish Jig) - Trip to Sligo (Irish Jig) - Turkey in the Straw (American/Old Time) - Twenty-Eighth of January (Old Time Reel) - Twin Sisters (Old Time/Celtic) - Virginia Reel (Old Time Reel) - Waterbound (North Carolina Tune) - Weavers (Irish Slide) - West Fork Girls (West Virginia Tune) - Westphalia Waltz (Old Time Waltz) - When We Go Down to Washington (American Fife Tune) - Whiskey Before Breakfast (Old Time Reel) - Whistling Rufus (Old Time Reel) - White Cockade (Old Time Dance) - Year of Jubilo (American Old Time Polka)

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