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Independence - Piano Coordination - Volume 3
Frédéric Dautigny

Piano Studies - Sheet music

Original title: Indépendance & Coordination Au Piano - Volume 3

with DVD-Rom

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On the keyboard of the piano, both hands having a different role to hold (bass / chords, chords / melody ...), it is essential to be able to play each hand independently of the other, while ensuring the perfect coordination of both.
This method, very progressive, addresses the problem in both technical and musical way. Thus, each difficulty, highlighted by means of a specific exercise, is immediately applied on a small piece ... so that the technique remains constantly at the service of the music and the pleasure to play.
The exercises of this third and last volume will of course deepen the notions addressed in the 2 previous volumes ... but not only!
You will also find a work on the ternary, the extensions, the held and mirrored intervals, the shared triplets, the 4-tone arpeggios, the rhythmic offsets, the 3 for 2 inverted, the figures with sixteenths, the clave , etc ... in short, as many indispensable elements to strengthen the independence of your hands on the piano.

On the disc attached to the method you will find several audio and video files.
The videos (mp4) present in pictures all the exercises and other pieces as they are to be played.
The audio recordings (mp3), for their part, offer the corresponding backing tracks, at two different tempi, on which you can play your turn the proposed pieces.

Frédéric Dautigny - Independence - Piano Coordination - Volume 3 - Partition -
17.50 £

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