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Rhythm Pedagogy and Body Percussion


Original title: Pédagogie du Rythme et Percussions corporelles

Van de Velde

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Rhythm teacher is a profession that does not yet exist, even if more and more pedagogues are called upon to fulfill this function and the development of bodily percussion takes part in questioning the rhythmic functioning of human beings.
The differences in perception of rhythm between individuals led the author to design this work. For some, understanding is the starting point and the body follows, for others, confidence is placed in the bodily movements of walking or clapping of the hands and it is necessary to build an awareness of the rhythm from this relationship
Understanding human beings and their relationship to rhythm, in groups and individually, is a constant quest and the results of these questions are offered here.

Ludovic PREVEL-ASSOGBA - Rhythm Pedagogy and Body Percussion - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.co.uk
23.49 £


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