I am learning ... THE PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT simply

Piano Method - Sheet music

Original title: J'apprends... L'ACCOMPAGNEMENT AU PIANO tout simplement

With CD (Play live with real voices).
Collection J'apprends ... Quite simply.

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Finally a method to learn all the techniques and practice live on VOICE UP tapes

The piano is too often considered a solo instrument. This is partly true, but it does not really reflect all the possibilities that this fabulous instrument offers. Pianists are generally too alone with their playmate and very quickly find themselves prisoners of the score. Many of them are quickly destabilized when talking about AGREEMENT games.

With this method, you will learn the different lessons and techniques to discover, understand and play the different styles of accompaniment. This other way of playing the Piano will allow you to develop a sense of listening, rhythm, and get used, among other things, to live and feel your playing differently.

With the VOICE UP LIVE SONG backing tracks, you will get your first steps by accompanying real voices on well-known and varied songs. Much more than a simple technique, the accompaniment is the delight of many musicians and you will live a unique experience that too few pianists are used to practicing.

27.84 £

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Piano method - Sheet music
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Piano method - Sheet music
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