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The Petit Clarinettorama

Sheet music - Bb Clarinet and Piano

Original title: Le Petit Clarinettorama

Progressive directory from the first year
Book with CD


Emilien Véret, Adrien Boulanger, Dominique Sablier

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The Petit Clarinettorama is a repertoire of pieces for beginners clarinettists , allowing to play as well of the classic as of the musics of films or the variety and the traditional one: Mozart, Brassens, Frozen, Jingle Bells, Ibrahim Maalouf etc ...

Each piece is the result of a work of arrangement, precise, adapted to the instrument and the level of the pupil.

This volume, progressive , presents a level of difficulty very low and easily accessible for the student. The layout, in color and very airy, ensures a great readability.

The CD accompanying the book, of superior quality, was recorded by Emilien Véret and Adrien Boulanger, talented clarinetists. This recording will give an example and a musical pleasure of choice to all apprentices, as well as to all music lovers.

96 pages, color illustrations, paper without reflection, spiral bound. With CD, and piano parts on separate notebook (included).
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The Petit Clarinettorama - Partition -
30.21 £

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