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Accompaniments in Chords and Arpeggios in Piano
Frédéric Dautigny

Piano method - Sheet music

Original title: Accompagnements en Accords et Arpèges au Piano

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This book aims to make you discover and play different types of accompaniments, both in chords and arpeggios, piano.
You will find first of all rhythms composed of plated and semi-arpeggiated chords, where the two hands complement each other effectively, both rhythmically and harmonically. Then accompaniments arpeggios, played most often on the right hand, and completed by the left hand that deals with the bass.?Finally, a third category of rhythm gives you the opportunity to use reversals (3 and then 4 sounds) to learn how to optimize the movement of hands on the keyboard.
In total, 56 accompaniments which constitute so many small standards, a little all-purpose, usable at leisure in many musical contexts, from the song of variety to the ballad pop, while passing by the music of film, etc.
Affordable at first by the greatest number, these accompaniments are progressively more and more "evolved" over the pages, to satisfy everyone.

On the disc attached to the method, you will find many audio files and videos.
The videos (mp4) present in pictures the multiple accompaniments as they should be played - while the audio recordings (mp3), for their part, offer all the corresponding backing tracks, with then without piano.
You will be able to play in your turn the proposed rhythms, or develop your own accompaniments by taking inspiration from the given examples.

Frédéric Dautigny - Accompaniments in Chords and Arpeggios in Piano - Partition -
18.78 £

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