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Yume - Three rooms
Ryo Noda

Sheet music - Solo saxophone solo

Original title: Yume - Trois pièces

3 pieces inspired by Douanier Rousseau's paintings.
Claude Georgel Collection

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The saxophonist and Japanese composer Ryo Noda, born in 1948, chose to place his musical career under the sign of the meeting between the West and the East.

How would he have felt some elective affinities between his creation and that of Douanier Rousseau (1844-1910), whose jungle landscapes exhale a dreamlike exoticism?
Inspired by three paintings by the naive master, Yume - The Dream for Saxophone alone lets the listener first succumb to the incantation of The Charmeuse of Snakes (1907): the melody, imitating the flute, full of mysterious sensuality, finds its echo in the surrounding nature, just as the pale glare of the moon is reflected on the surface of the lake.
In La Guerre (1894), calcined trees and scarlet clouds surround the goddess Bellone, whose cavalcade is restored by slap technique and devastation by the Saxophone's portamenti aigres.
Le Rêve (1910) gives us this naked woman in the middle of the jungle, the state of nature before the fall, the incarnation of archaic innocence.


Ryo Noda - Yume - Three rooms - Partition -
12.61 £

Ryo Noda - Improvisation 1 - Partition - Ryo Noda - May - Partition - Ryo Noda - Improvisations 2 and 3 - Partition - Ryo Noda - Fantasy and dance - Partition - Ryo Noda - Phoenix Fushicho - Partition -
Noda Ryo Noda Ryo Noda Ryo Noda Ryo Noda Ryo
Improvisation 1
Sheet music - Solo saxophone solo
Sheet music - Solo saxophone solo
 Improvisations 2 and 3
Sheet music - Solo saxophone solo
 Fantasy and dance
Sheet music - Solo Saxophone
 Phoenix Fushicho
Sheet music - Solo Saxophone
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Ryo Noda - Requiem Shin-En - Partition - Ryo Noda - The Night of Dinant - Partition -   
Noda Ryo Noda Ryo   
Requiem Shin-En
Sheet music - Eb Eb or Bb Saxophone
 The Night of Dinant
Sheet music - Solo saxophone solo
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