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Sheet music - Solo or Accordion Piano

Original title: RÉTRO MUSIC N°3

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Editions Universelles

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The Rétro-Music collection is a piece of quality work. These works, selected and linked together, are all known to the general public and constitute a basic repertoire. They were chosen according to their notoriety. The classification of the titles that make up the album Rétro-Music is established in alphabetical order, without taking into account the genres used: Marches, Waltzes, Tangos, Paso-doble, etc ...

Titles: AIMER DRINK AND CHANTER arranged by Gary DITCH, BUCARO composed by Emile NOBLOT, CARNIVAL composed by Tito FUGGI - José LUCCHESI, DANUBE BLUE arranged by Gary DITCH, THE FUSEUM composed by Jean MÉDINGER - André LÉZIN, GAILLARDO composed by Émile NOBLOT, HOY composed by Rico TRUILLO - Ramon CHILOË, IMPERIAL composed by Astor PIAZZOLLA, WHERE Y'A FRESH composed by Léo DANIDERFF, THE MARKET OF LUMBERONS arranged by Robert ENGEL, THE MARKET OF FORGARDONS composed by Gary DITCH, MARIA MORENA composed by Juan PORTAL, LA PALOMA arranged by Rico TRUILLO, RADETZKY MARSCH (RETURN OF VIENNA) arranged by Teddy STEW, VIENNIN BLOOD arranged by Gary DITCH, UNDER THE TWO-HEADED EAGLE arranged by Robert ENGEL, THE TORRENT composed by Lao CARMI, TYROLIAN HOLIDAYS composed by Maurice VITTENET, WHEN THE SAINTS arranged by Lex RAMBLER, THE BLACK EYES arranged by Teddy STEW


RETRO MUSIC N ° 3 - Partition -
14.27 £

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