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Collection of African rhythms for djembe and doundoun

Maurice Lampugnani

Original title: Recueil de rythmes africains pour djembé et doundoun

With CD-MP3.

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This book is not a didactic method to learn how to play Djembe and other Doundouns, but a collection of traditional West African rhythms ... the transcription of what, in reality, is transmitted orally from father to son.
It is aimed primarily at those who wish to learn to play these famous African traditional rhythms. But also to all those who already know the basic techniques and want to deepen their knowledge of rhythms through a simplified reading.
To understand how "fit" the different percussions, all the rhythms are written here in the manner of a complete "score".
The scores include not only the parts for Djembe, which can vary from one to three drums maximum, but also those corresponding to the three Doundouns (Kenkeni, Sangban and Doundounba).
This collection is also accompanied by a CD with about 250 mp3 audio files.
These last ones present at the same time the complete rhythms, the isolated parts of each instrument, but also the playback corresponding to each instrument of each of the rhythms.
That is more than 3 hours of music in all ... to facilitate your understanding of traditional African rhythms and to be able to express yourself "in situation".

Maurice Lampugnani - Collection of African rhythms for djembe and doundoun - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.co.uk
17.94 £