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Rhythm in Its Essence and Applications
Daniel Goyone

Sheet music - All Instrument

Original title: Le Rythme dans Son Essence Et Ses Applications

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This book proposes to the reader to acquire a clear conception of all that makes the pace, to fortify its rhythmic safety and to exercise the gesture until it becomes perfectly natural, flexible, alive. The first part explores without instrument: we gradually mobilize hands, feet and voice to develop ideas, listening, imagination โ€ข Build a regular rhythm โ€ข Read and achieve rhythms (left / right lateralization, independence) โ€ข Experiment with rhythmic formulas linked to musical styles (jazz, rock, Latin American, African, Indian, etc.) โ€ข Connect rhythm to melody and harmony โ€ข Build complex rhythms (overlays, odd rhythms). In the second part are discussed the peculiarities of some instruments: keyboards, guitar, electric bass, etc. Traveling between universal and particular, decompartmentalizing styles and instruments, this book will help each musician to broaden his horizon by discovering the riches of the world of rhythm.

Daniel Goyone - Rhythm in Its Essence and Applications - Partition -
27.30 £

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