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DVD - Initiation To The Drums

François Daniel

Original title: DVD - Initiation A la Batterie

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The primary goal of this DVD is to help beginners in the approach of the battery, providing them with the image and sound, all the necessary elements to learn and then progress quickly on this instrument. On the menu: positions of setting the battery, holding chopsticks, different forms of typing, cash techniques, exercises of independence and coordination, examples of rock rhythms, breaks, the use of different elements of the batteris, bass drum, cymbals ...). You can also work a song in its entirety with the help of the author, then alone, thanks to the final playback! With many close-ups and a solid pedagogy, you will quickly pass from beginner to a more advanced level. Without a doubt the best way to get started on drums ...

François Daniel - DVD - Initiation To The Drums - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.co.uk
19.64 £

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