Guitarists - Volume 1

Guitar Method with Tablatures - Sheet music

Original title: Guitaristes - Volume 1

Bensusan, Galvin, Gaucher, Godin, Hoarau, Lazarevich, Louvel, Robert, Winsberg


Pierrejean Gaucher

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In this volume, many styles are discussed - others will be, as well as other approaches, other techniques, other aesthetics, in volumes to follow. The originality of this book is to have been written by guitarists before all "artists" who have over time developed and mature their own musical language. Most of them have pedagogical experience, but their way of explaining is closely linked to the music they play. A subject that was thought to have made the tour appears in a different light, simply because an author approaches it in a different light, always in relation to his musical approach, his artistic practice. Others propose approaches, personal systems, which deviate from the usual theory. Let's trust them: what they have practiced for a long time works. This book is for all guitarists in love with their instrument. Apart from the complete beginner, it should seduce both the amateur, who has the basics, the professional who wants to progress and open up to new horizons.

26.88 £

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