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DVD - Blues, Rock - Keyboard Boogie

Frédéric Dautigny

Original title: DVD - Blues, Rock & Boogie Au Clavier

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This DVD will allow you to discover and work on these major styles such as blues, rock and boogie on the piano and other keyboards. On the menu, you will be presented: the harmony (specific chords and grids), the melodic tools and especially the pentatonic and blues scales), the rhythmic particularities of each style (binary / ternary), the typical structures, the different technical difficulties encountered, etc. There will also be a question of spain as well as improvisation! The detailed work of several complete rhythms (16 in all!) And improvisations (7 solos) will allow you to quickly assimilate the techniques and theoretical principles of blues, rock and boogie keyboard.

Frédéric Dautigny - DVD - Blues, Rock - Keyboard Boogie - Sheet Music -
19.64 £

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