Pianorama Jazz Story Volume 2

Sheet music - Solo Piano

Original title: Pianorama Jazz Story - Hors Serie Volume 2

WITH CD. Hors-série 2: Jazz Story 100 years of jazz piano


Dominique Bordier

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Jazz Story is an introduction to the history of the great jazz pianists, where each piece, each arrangement is an opportunity to meet a composer with a phrase, a harmonic color, a rhythm.

Discover the history of jazz piano with 25 of the most famous pianists . Ranking the pieces in order of increasing difficulty will help you advance your technique.
In addition a wide choice of tempos is approached, as well as a large number of styles: Stride, Bebop, Blues, Boogie, Modal, Latin, Jazz Waltz, Ballad, etc ...
Before acquiring the autonomy of a jazzman, you will find in this collection already arranged themes and grids of chords with improvisations all written .
This collection will advance the student's piano technique by ranking the pieces in order of increasing difficulty and the wide choice of tempi proposed.


Pianorama Jazz Story Volume 2 - Partition -
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