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The blues piano
Pierre Minvielle-Sebastia

Sheet music - Solo Piano

Original title: Le piano blues

DVD included.

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This method of Piano Blues is for pianists and other keyboard players, eager to acquire solid knowledge in the field but also, and above all, instrumental practice. Through a series of exercises, examples and above all mx, you will come here to practice the "plans" of Blues, specific grids, rhythm, harmony, modes, etc. For the improvisation, simple and adapted explanations, as well as many plans "in the style", will initiate you to the interion of solos. Advice on accompaniment is of course also provided, in a simple, clear and very explicit way. Finally, the 40 tracks proposed in this book, from different trends of Blues (gospel, shuffle, rock, boogie, will enrich your global knowledge of the style, from traditional blues to blue-jazz, blues-to-rock , the ballad blues, the blues major and minor or the boogie-blues, nothing will be spared!

Pierre Minvielle-Sebastia - The blues piano - Partition -
23.05 £

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Minvielle-Sebastia Pierre Minvielle-Sebastia Pierre Minvielle-Sebastia Pierre Minvielle-Sebastia Pierre Minvielle-Sebastia Pierre
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Minvielle-Sebastia Pierre Minvielle-Sebastia Pierre Minvielle-Sébastia Pierre Minvielle-Sebastia Pierre 
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