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Ranges for Keyboard Improvisation in 3D
Frédéric Dautigny

Piano method - Sheet music

Original title: Gammes Pour L' Improvisation Au Clavier En 3D

DVD included. WITH CD.

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Improvisation within the reach of all! No more calculations of tones and 1/2 tones, transposition efforts and other problems of passing the thumb ... With this book, you will find for each range (major, minor pentatonic, pentatonic majors, minor natural, minor melodic, minor harmonic) and especially each tone, a representation of the corresponding range over several octaves, both left hand and right hand. You will also find the main accor will allow you to accompany your improvisation, as well as many tips for use. Finally, the DVD Video presents all these scales, in all the tones, as well as a simultaneous animation on a virtual keyboard, for easy assimilation. For its part, the Audio CD offers excellent playbacks on which you can implement the different ranges presented, and in all tones and all styles of music!

Frédéric Dautigny - Ranges for Keyboard Improvisation in 3D - Partition -
22.19 £

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Dautigny Frédéric Dautigny Frédéric Dautigny Frédéric Dautigny Frédéric 
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