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Initiation to the Saxophone In 3D

Manu Maugain

Original title: Initiation Au Saxophone En 3D

DVD included. WITH CD.

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20.92 £

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Initiation to Saxophone in 3D is a saxophone method for beginners, accompanied by a DVD Video and Audio CD. Without blinking, it goes straight to the point, with clear and precise explanations, always illustrated by relevant examples. This book gives novices the basics of playing a score, or allows those who already master the saxophone to detect and improve their gaps. After a basic work, you will develop your technique, to mpi slow and a little faster. In parallel and over the pages, you will have the opportunity to work the Blues and the rhythms of Rock, before you can practice on more complex rhythms and more syncopated, such as Jazz, Reggae, Jazz Rock , the Bossa-nova or the Funk. Finally, the DVD Video takes the essential exercises to facilitate your understanding, while the Audio CD offers playbacks to implement the lessons but also exercise.

Manu Maugain - Initiation to the Saxophone In 3D - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.co.uk
20.92 £


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