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The Books of Rhythm 1 - The Basics
Daniel Goyone

Sheet music - All Instrument

Original title: Les Cahiers du Rythme 1 - Les Bases

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These Cahiers are based on some simple principles: โ€ข Whatever the instrument used, every musician must know how to approach and develop the study of rhythm. โ€ข A rhythmic aspect must be felt and understood internally, before being practiced on the instrument. โ€ข The work advocated here to assimilate the different aspects of rhythmic work combines voluntarily simple, basic but essential gestures: beatings of hands and feet, vocalization of rhythmic syllables and work with the metronome. These principles are presented here in the form of exercises that take up most of the topics covered in the book Rythmes (stability of the pulsation - assimilation and internalization of different measures and different divisions of time - study of the main figures of claves - decomposition and understanding of complex rhythmic patterns - cyclic or cadential - study of odd measurements and divisions - polyrhythms). Volume 1 - Basics: - introduction to the technique of work - - measures at 2, 3 and 4 beats - - divisions of time in 2, 3, 4 and 6 (basic level).

Daniel Goyone - The Books of Rhythm 1 - The Basics - Partition -
15.80 £

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