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DVD - The Balafon
Keita Aly / Kilian Gert

DVD - DVD - Sheet music

Original title: DVD - Le Balafon

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Pedagogical method that presents the techniques of balafon play. It offers the learning of traditional songs that can be played on one or two pentatonic balafons, but also on marimba, xylophone or vibraphone.The coordinated independence is studied through the detailed presentation of each pattern - hand by hand, sentence by sentence . Loop playback tools and a play-along make it easy to work and play with Aly Keita. - Concerts: duo Aly Keita - Gert Kilian, Aly Keita solo, Super Zamaza at Konsankuy (40min) - Documentary film The soul of the blades. It is in the heart of the Malian bush, in the small village of Konsankuy, that Ali Keita came to find her roots. On the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations, the musicians of the village and the band Super Zamaza, with Aly as a guest-star, we interpret the pieces of the DVD method in their original context. In the courtyard of the griots of the village, Youssouf and Aly unveil the secrets of making the balafon. We discover how music accompanies their daily lives. Many musical surprises await you! - A booklet that brings together the scores of the songs offered in the DVD. Photos, texts on the history of balafon and its socio-cultural environment, technical explanations and an interview with Aly Keita complete this edition. French-English bilingual text - 98 pages.

Keita Aly / Kilian Gert - DVD - The Balafon - Partition -
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