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Analyze the Jazz

Laurent Cugny

Original title: Analyser le Jazz

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Analyzing jazz is first of all knowing what one is analyzing. What is a jazz work? Does the expression make sense? How to understand it, to define it? It is then to penetrate the matter, to examine with a magnifying glass its components, the harmony, the rhythm, the form, the melody, the sound. But it is also the story of the ways it was approached, the theories that emerged at the same time that the music was developing. It is still questioning the relationships in the middle, the worlds in which jazz flourished. Through these meticulous examinations, it is finally an overall reflection that takes shape, on an object more vivacious than ever, to the ever-changing forms, the contours more changeable than they ever were. This is the ambitious challenge of this book, where the most rigorous musicological analysis succeeds to historical and general considerations, accessible to jazz lovers as well as to its practitioners and analysts. Laurent Cugny, musician, pianist and arranger, offers several practical tools for jazz pedagogues: a grammar of tonal harmonic progressions, a system of tracking polyrhythms, a classification of types of improvised solo analysis and an analysis protocol the work of jazz, synthetic tool and a very simple use, based on a theoretical base itself very explicit.

Laurent Cugny - Analyze the Jazz - Book -
34.45 £


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