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Mister Mystery

Matthieu Chedid -M-

Original title: Mister Mystère


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After 6 years of absence, here is the long awaited return of the character created by Mathieu Chédid. The artist offers us a new musical facet more refined than previous opus, but always embellished guitar gimmicks that fly. Supported by facetious and pictorial texts, co-written with Brigitte Fontaine and Louis Chédid. Find the full version Deluxe album in piano transcriptions, voices and guitar chord diagrams, as well as all tablature tabs of guitar traits approved by Mathieu Chédid himself! Included many photos of Yann Orhan.

Matthieu Chedid -M- Mister Mystery - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.co.uk
23.06 £


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Matthieu Chedid -M- Îl -M- Sheet Music - di-arezzo.co.ukMATTHIEU CHEDID -M-
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22.20 £
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32.43 £