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Special Z 'Children
Yann Dour

Sheet music - Diatonic Accordion with Tablatures

Original title: Spécial Z' Enfants

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Ti Ar Sonerien

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50 popular songs for children. Standards and others less well known generally low difficulty. Ah, tell me yes, Ah, I would tell you, mother, Alouette, By the moonlight, At the bridge of the north, At the steps of the palace, Bizarre, Hello my cousin, Cadet Roussel, Cat's cannon, Clementine, Dance to your daddy In the distant forest, Go to sleep, Brother Jacques, Gugusse, He was a little ship, It rains shepherdess, I went down to my garden, I have good tobacco, I lost the do, The emperor, Father Lochu's Cap, Mother Michel, The Old Gray Goose, The High on the Mountain, The Good King Dagobert, The Great Wood Wolf, The Grandfather, The Wolf The Fox The Weasel, Jonathan's Pelican, The little nest of hare, The tick of the millstone, The carabibiers, The little puppets, Malbrough, My father had a pond made, My little bird took its flight, Do not cry Jeannette, Petrouchka, Pippin apple, Promenon we in the woods, When I was at my father's, What are you looking for, Do you know how to plant cabbages, On the bridge of Avignon, three young drums, A mouse Green, Cool wind, Travel.

Yann Dour - Special Z 'Children - Partition -
27.09 £

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