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A monster in Paris

Vanessa Paradis & M / Renson Patrice

Original title: Un Monstre à Paris


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"A monster in Paris" is the new animated film by Bibo Bergeron ("The Gang of Sharks"), a new French prodigy of animation who made his classes at Dreamworks.
Proofreading of "The beauty and the beast" located in 1910, in a Paris scoundrel in full historical flood of the Seine. the Eiffel Tower has its feet in the water and it is in this phantasmagoric setting that meet Lucille, young singer and rising star of Montmartre, and Francoeur, music lover.
The film is produced by Europa Corp. It is therefore one of the big family films announced in the fall of 2011, with a release scheduled for October 12 in more than 700 screens. Vanessa Paradis lends her voice to Lucille, and hers to Francoeur. A familiar duo that extends here the pleasure of their recent collaboration with 5 new original songs created for the film. The music of the film, signed -M- and Patrice Renson, is a veritable haven inhabited by the chiaroscuro of Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. On arrival, a real original creation far beyond the simple film BOF as the songs could be self-sufficient. Witness, in particular, the beautiful duo Vanessa Paradis - M The Seine.
Find a selection of the biggest themes and songs from the film in Piano, voice and guitar chord diagrams.

Vanessa Paradis & M / Renson Patrice - A monster in Paris - Sheet Music -
20.66 £


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