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100 Grooves in slap for beginners in 3D - DVD
Bruno Tauzin

Sheet music - Bass guitar with tabs

Original title: 100 Grooves en slap pour débutant en 3D & DVD

DVD included. WITH CD.

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Bruno Tauzin's collection of 100 Grooves In Slap For Beginners In 3D will make you an outstanding slugger.

You are a "slapper" beginner, or at least not experienced in the field, and still want to please you by playing bass lines integrally in slap, which are both simple and musical? So you have with this method the ideal tool ...

This one is indeed composed of 100 bass grooves, which really "sound", putting in practice all the basic techniques of the slap, namely the typing of the thumb, the draw, the links, the slip and the dead notes.

To raise the veil on possible technical difficulties that you might encounter, the DVD offers the demonstration of the 100 grooves in full, played on the corresponding backing tracks, to help you in their implementation.
The CD, for its part, will allow you to play your turn the different grooves on these same backing tracks, offered here in "long duration" version, both at normal speed and at a slow tempo.

Bruno Tauzin - 100 Grooves in slap for beginners in 3D - DVD - Partition -
22.61 £

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