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Diamond Concerto - Euphonium concerto No. 3
Philip Sparke

Sheet music - Euphonium and Piano

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Diamond Concerto is a commissioned work by the German band Musikverein Mörschied, led by Dr. Eric Grandjean, for a concert with a special guest, the soloist Steven Mead. Together, they created this work on April 28, 2012 at Idar-Oberstein City Theater.

This commission represents one of the highlights of a thirty-year friendship between the composer and the soloist, their relationship having given rise to numerous recordings and concerts and now a concerto. During the composition of this work, Sparke constantly had in mind the very special sound of Steven Mead's euphonium, and he freely used the variety of styles that this world-famous virtuoso adopted during his brilliant career as a musician. soloist.
The village of Mörschied lies to the west of Frankfurt am Main in the region known as the German Gemstone Route, famous for its jewelery industry. That's why the composer decided to salute this province by naming his work Diamond Concerto. The three movements are each named after a famous diamond:

Of rather serious character, this movement begins with a free fantasy for the soloist on a static chord of the orchestra. Then comes an Allegro Moderato in minor mode where short motifs are gradually repeated and developed by the orchestra and the soloist.

Here we can hear a variation of an excerpt from Music for Battle Creek, including a slow and moving melody, which the composer then wrote in the context of a future interpretation by Steven Mead.

Following the idea of \u200b\u200bSteven Mead, this movement is written in a bebop style and takes the form of a jazzy waltz. The central part, almost improvised, includes a passage of call and answer between the soloist and the woods.

Diamond Concerto is also available for Concert Band and Euphonium: AMP 354-010

Philip Sparke - Diamond Concerto - Euphonium concerto No. 3 - Partition -
23.98 £

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