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Re-introduction studies

Chilly Gonzales

Original title: Re-introduction etudes

WITH CD. 24 pieces for piano with poster.


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With these Re-Introduction Etudes, Chilly Gonzales gives everyone the desire and joy to sit behind a piano: these 24 piano pieces are easy to master, fun to play and specially designed for all those who have tried to unravel the mysteries of musical writing without achieving it until today.

It is recommended to have acquired a small pianistic level to take pleasure to play these 24 partitions of studies. Each of them focuses on technical or theoretical points necessary for the musical composition and practice of the piano: melody, harmony, rhythm, scales, arpeggios ... Chilly Gonzales teaches us how to use all this material to play the piano of today, going so far as to add notions still missing from any musical dictionary !!

A text by Chilly Gonzales accompanies each piece in which he divulges his personal tricks.
An attached CD includes a recording of the 24 pieces of study, the student will have the music in mind before giving his own interpretation to the keyboard. Finally, a poster is inserted at the end of the book.

Chilly Gonzales - Re-introduction studies - Sheet Music -
20.25 £


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