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Arpeggios at the Piano
Frédéric Dautigny

Piano method - Sheet music

Original title: Les Arpèges au Piano

WITH MP3. Accompaniment - solo

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This book aims to make you discover, work and especially play arpeggios on the piano. These arpeggios, that we find, all styles of music confused (blues, rock, jazz, classical ...), in accompaniment as in improvisation, as well with the right hand as with the left hand, are at the same time technically and harmonically essential to the pianist. As such, all apprentice keyboardists must know and master them. This book deals with the main arpeggios: the major arpeggio, the minor arpeggio, the major arpeggio 7 (maj7), the minor arpeggio 7 (m7) and the seventh arpeggio (7). For each of them, you will discover their composition, of course, but also their fingerings, through three technical exercises (to learn to "manipulate" them), and seven musical applications (accompaniment or solo) to play on playback. And for each music application, are available five different recordings on the CD? MP3 seal, distributed as follows: the piano alone, at normal tempo then slowed down, the same part of piano played this time on its playback, and finally the playback alone, again at normal tempo then slowed ... so that everyone can learn and play at his own pace, according to his level and his abilities. That's more than 5 hours of music in all

Frédéric Dautigny - Arpeggios at the Piano - Partition -
18.78 £

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Dautigny Frédéric Dautigny Frédéric Dautigny Frédéric  
Accompaniments in Chords and Arpeggios in Piano
Piano method - Sheet music
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Piano method - Sheet music
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Piano method - Sheet music
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