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The Little Guitarama Tablatures

Sheet music - Guitar with Tablatures

Original title: Le Petit Guitarama Tablatures

WITH CD. Progressive repertoire from the first year


Guillem Patrick / Hoarau Jean-Christophe / Khalifa Marc

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The Little Guitarama Tablatures is the tablature version of Little Guitarama. This repertoire of songs all styles, known for beginners guitarists, can play both classic (Vivaldi, Bach ...), legends of pop (Beat It, Love Me Tender ...), film music (The godfather, The pink panther ...), the French repertoire (Brassens, Cabrel ...), or traditional tunes from different horizons (Orient, Ireland, Italy ...), in a logical and motivating progression.

This book is written in enriched tablature: a system that integrates the signs of interpretation and the rhythmic values, for a facilitated but precise reading. Each piece is the result of a work of arrangement, precise, adapted to the instrument and to the level of the pupil (from any beginner to two years of practice)

In addition to the many solo pieces, the book features duets, trios, and quartets. The layout ensures great readability, in color. Richly illustrated, this collection is for everyone.

> The CD, a precious work tool, allows the discovery and listening of the pieces, facilitating the deciphering and the setting up of the pieces.
> Quality manufacturing: paper without reflection (better readability), connected spiral.

And, always in the spirit of the collection ... RAMA: originality, quality of arrangements, progressiveness, variety of styles.

The Little Guitarama Tablatures - Partition -
29.77 £

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