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Crock 'music Volume 5

Sheet music - Solo Piano

Original title: Crock' music Volume 5

Difficulties 5, 6 - 7

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Piano Sheet Music - French Song

This book, which brings together 17 titles from the Crock 'Music collection, is the result of ten years of piano teaching.

Throughout these years spent teaching piano, I have often come across as other teachers of unmotivated young students, having lost interest in the practice of Music after only one or two years of learning.

How could I help them find the original desire that had led them to study the piano?

Listening to their desires and tastes, I began to write transcriptions of works close to them, whether by musical or academic news, or by their sensitivity to a particular artist in particular.

Each arrangement had to take into account their technical ability to give these young pianists a sense of ease not to undermine their pleasure to play. Their gaps in reading were fading as their ears exerted on these known melodies.

Just a few months were enough to give new meaning to their efforts, and for them to be interested again (among others) in the indispensable classical repertoire.

Thus was born the CrocK'MusiC collection which today allows all the study of these transcriptions.

Thank you to all those students who were behind and who have contributed over the years to this work.

Patrice Bourgès

Binding: Stapled
Size: 22.5 x 32 cm
Number of Pages: 60


Crock 'music Volume 5 - Partition -
20.75 £

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