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Piano chords - Volume 2
Pierre Minvielle-Sebastia

Piano method - Sheet music

Original title: Accords au piano - Volume 2


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This book, devoted to harmony and the study of chords, continues the work begun in Volume 1 ... and at the same time pushes the knowledge of this major subject a little further still. Because if Volume 1 was dedicated to the bases, that is to say to the principal chords, to three and four sounds, major, minor and seventh (M7, 7, m7 and dim7), this second volume is dedicated for its part to all the other degrees that can be added to a principal harmony or a constituted nucleus: second, fourth, sixth, ninth, thirteenth ...
The rules that govern the enriched chords thus obtained are clearly set out there, in order to guide you through grids and scores with rich and evolved harmonies. This method, which is intended primarily practical, is exclusively embellished with musical examples, precise and educational, which form a real path through harmony, grids chords, accompaniment, composition ...
Finally, on the data disc (mp3 audios and mp4 videos) attached to the method, you will find the video demonstration of all the examples played on the piano, but also the multiple audio recordings that will allow you, in turn, to express yourself on the soundtracks (playbacks) provided for this purpose.

Pierre Minvielle-Sebastia - Piano chords - Volume 2 - Partition -
19.04 £

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