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Practical Manual of Tonal Harmony
David Lampel

Solfeggio - Music Training

Original title: Manuel Pratique d'Harmonie Tonale

With CD . The Bases Of Music Writing.

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Written for students of writing classes and musicology, vade mecum basics of harmony, may also concern the end of studies in Music Training, and, in general, any musician with the desire to understand the fundamental bases of the tonal system. The author has produced a clear, precise manual illustrated with musical examples taken from the repertoire. Tonal musical language, like all spoken and written language, is the result of a long evolution. This manual is limited to the observation of the functioning of this language and leaves aside any consideration of its historical evolution. The term classical tonal system, often used here, should not be taken in a stylistic sense but as an expression more broadly designating a system that obeys the basic principles of tonal functioning. Practical work will of course have to accompany the reading of this treatise in order to become familiar with the elements presented. The observation of examples from the musical literature is also essential to understand and assimilate the different principles set out in a manual like this one. At the end of each chapter, we can find extracts of works that illustrate what has been shown before in the simplest way. David Lampel Writing studies, as well as those of analysis, history of music, culture are increasingly followed by students and students from conservatories, universities, as well as by others musicians whose previous training is often heterogeneous and who wish to densify their experience. Before the treaties (that of J.Ph. Rameau * and that of A. Schoenberg ** - tomb of the first in the musical sense - being a delicate reading at first glance) it is essential to systematically specify the basic rules of tonal shaping. A manual of this type will obviously be associated with pedagogical means likely to facilitate a thorough understanding of stylistic repertoires. Is not one of the objectives of the writing work to know the pleasure of taking in charge (including the keyboard) the responsibility of innumerable and more and more complex combinations: passage towards a personal practice and, if possible, re-creative for everyone? Jean-Michel Bardez * J.Ph. Rameau, Treaty of Harmony reduced to its natural principles (1722) ** A. Schoenberg, Treaty of Harmony (1911) New revised edition Press Here is a simple and complete manual that should make the happiness of those who are interested in tonal harmony and so-called writing studies. This manual is based on the notions of traditional theory of modes and intervals, and develops the different chapters with great clarity and common sense. Each chapter contains a large number of musical examples that make this work an invitation to travel through the repertoire. It will be able to take over the classic treaties or serve as a convenient and relevant reminder. Music Education Magazine


David Lampel - Practical Manual of Tonal Harmony - Partition -
26.11 £

David Lampel - Instruments and Orchestra - Partition -    
Lampel David    
Instruments and Orchestra
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