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Where are you?

Joy Kane

Original title: Do t'es où ?

with Cd - Series Music is you (/ Wher to find Do? (You are the music)


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Music is you is a series of collections, often accompanied by CDs, with songs that carry specific musical teachings. These songs encourage the future musician, not only to learn, but also to live the music. The auditory and vocal apparatus, both governed by the nervous system, induce an interaction between listening and transmission, especially in the perception of the pitch of sounds. On the other hand, we all have a prodigious and complex musical instrument, the body, which is too often forgotten by some, even embarrassing for others, when it comes to moving in music. It is therefore interesting to associate with a melody, a bodily expression, a musical gesture. To bring these two notions together, the author proposes simple and comical songs, whose texts illustrate, according to the collections, a particular musical phenomenon. Being music is the main goal of these collections. The progressive mastery of technical points, such as the spontaneous recognition of intervals, chords, rhythms and the acquisition of automatisms, will allow the musician to associate without effort auditory perception, recognition, interpretation. Finally, the author invites accompanying pianists to take as much freedom as possible with the written accompaniments he was able to take during the recording. Joy Kane A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music (Ohio) and the International Jaques-Dalcroze Institute of Rhythmic Arts in Geneva, Joy Kane moved to Paris in 1981. During the twenty years she lived and taught in France, she in Europe, asked for his workshops of rhythm, improvisation and vocal technique, his interventions and courses in the schools of classical music and jazz, polyphonic centers or even in the framework of the National Education, raised the enthusiasm of his students, teachers of music and dance, who have torn his teaching pieces. Here at last, at the request of many teachers, these famous pieces, improved again and again, as well as new ones, in a series of collections entitled La musique, c'est toi.

Joy Kane - Where are you? - Sheet Music -
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