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Cello Method Volume 1
Claude-Henry Joubert

Cello Method - Sheet music

Original title: Méthode de Violoncelle Volume 1

32 Lessons for Beginners

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This method, which is inspired by viola and violin methods by the same author, is aimed at young children (6 to 12 years old). It can be used for 18 months to 2 years. At the same time, students can start cello and solfeggio, the preliminary study of which is not necessary. This method can only be used with the help of a teacher who will, from the first lesson, give the pupils good principles concerning the instrumental posture and the holding of the bow. The whole method can be used in one-to-one classes but also in a group pedagogy. However all duets, trios and quartets can be played alone (or with the accompaniment of the teacher). In any case, we will be able to work each part of the ensemble pieces. Popular songs used are often ignored by children. That's why the lyrics are written. It is appropriate to sing them ... The exercises are deliberately very short. They are always in direct relationship with the pieces they precede. It is not always useful to work them all - too many exercises and pieces are planned for each lesson! As part of the group pedagogy, it will be easy to allocate - anyway, it will be useful to return lessons already worked. Some elements can be used for short deciphering exercises. The rearward extension of the first finger on the strings of the and re is cautiously addressed in the last six lessons. Bow seats are often indicated (not always). The imagination of students is frequently solicited briefly and simply. It is not a question of recreation, but of a strong and founding element of the musical and technical education of a cellist. A big thank you to my friends cellists for their recommendations and their suggestions and, in particular, Samuel Etienne who kindly re-read these pages and enlighten me with his advice. Claude-Henry Joubert

Claude-Henry Joubert - Cello Method Volume 1 - Partition -
29.44 £

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