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Songs-Puzzles - Volume 1

Olivier RIPOLL

Original title: Chansons-Puzzles - Volume 1

With CD . Autonomy Games on Children's Songs - Beginning of the 1st Cycle - with Cd - Autodictary Songwriter (50 games)
Traditional children's songs, musical awakening, ear training, cycle 1 music training.

Editions Gérard Billaudot

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Each collection of Songs-Puzzles offers about fifty activities (autodictées) playful elaborated from the traditional children's songs (chansonniers) - these two parts are presented recto-verso.
The advantage? These songs known to all allow the child to practice ... all alone! Rhythmic games, melodic puzzles, interval recognition, linking phrases ...

In their recreational tunes, the Puzzles Songs follow the program of the early years of musical training, making them the perfect complement to music lessons.
A simple but detailed methodology accompanies all the exercises, making them accessible to children and parents for use at home.
Songs like "I have good tobacco" or "Mom, little boats" here become pleasant tools for effective progression.
And so that autonomy is complete and learning even more fun, children can consult the singer illustrated with original color plates, listen to the CD and even sing on the play-backs!

Olivier RIPOLL - Songs-Puzzles - Volume 1 - Sheet Music -
31.61 £


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