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Music theory for dummies

Original title: Le Solfège Pour les Nuls

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Yes, music theory can be child's play!
by Michael Pilhofer, HollyDay and Jean-Clément Jollet

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The music theory class at school was your worst nightmare? You have learned child music, but have forgotten everything long ago? You would like to sing in a choir or join an amateur band, but you do not dare because you can not read the music? This book is for you.

A progression in four stages
Explained in a pragmatic and playful way, without theoretical complexity, music theory is not so complicated: it is enough to know some keys. Let yourself be guided !
1. Take rhythm ...: values \u200b\u200bof notes, bars, tempo, shades
2. Master the melodic elements: keys, notes, intervals and scales
3. Everything in perfect harmony: tones, chords and cadences
4. And finally, keep in shape: sonata, fugue, blues or rock

Music theory for dummies - Book -
17.97 £


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