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Sing in FM Volume 1

Solfeggio - Music Training

Original title: Chantons en FM Volume 1

With CD . By Marguerite Labrousse, Yann Liorzou and Benoît Menut.

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This comprehensive Music Training course is for beginners (from around 6-7) and includes all the necessary acquisitions in the first year. The beginning of the apprenticeship essentially consists of playful and varied exercise games, partly from the Jardin Musical. They make it possible to apprehend by amusing the various parameters of the sound in a sensory way (games of recognition and memorization requiring an active and musical implication of body). Then each lesson revolves around: - Listening from the repertoire, an original melody composed by Benoît Menut, oral and written exercises developing technically and musically the repertoires. While leaving the teachers free to initiate the pedagogical initiative, this structuring linked to a carefully graduated progression will favor a very wide aesthetic opening and will allow the apprentice musicians to open themselves to the musical and poetic worlds of each lesson, because: Our time technical needs, more than any other, poetry. (Edmond Michelet) Marguerite Labrousse, Yann Liorzou, Benedict Menut

Sing in FM Volume 1 - Partition -
21.99 £

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