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Maica Brandao

Original title: Milaresol

With CD . Brazilian Inititation To Violin

Editions Henry Lemoine

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This book is the result of my years teaching violin in Brazil, Switzerland and France. I deeply believe that the teaching of an instrument must be based on the research and the quality of the sound and must seek to develop above all an inner listening related to musicality. It is necessary to give the means to the child and to take the time to integrate these three fundamental parameters: the musical gesture, the sound and the musicality. This is the reason for the empty string songs, very short but on which the child can work as long as it allows his interest and concentration. From my point of view, it is also essential for the child to listen to different, simple and even complex rhythms. As you surely know, the child can reproduce by imitation rhythms much more complex than those he can read. He does not need to understand everything. For example, syncope is at the heart of a multitude of traditional songs in Brazil and it is naturally, by absorption, that the small Brazilian learn to sing and dance in a syncopated way. Without being aware of the theoretical concept, they are quite capable of imitating, singing and dancing. And since music is also diversity, it is good to make children taste, like various fruits and vegetables, melodies and rhythms of other cultures. It also allows the child to expand his world and his own language. Making music is learning to follow the path of discipline, but also that of freedom, that of technical knowledge, but also the language of his emotions, to develop a clear awareness of his actions and especially to live fully his own body.

Maica Brandao - Milaresol - Sheet Music -
25.29 £


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