Seraphine and Augustine
Monnier Delphine / Challéat Ombeline

Oboe method - Sheet music

Original title: Séraphine et Augustin

Oboe Method For Young Children, Cd included.

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This method is for young children starting oboe between the ages of 7 and 9, and was designed to serve the first two years of learning. The progression, voluntarily very slow in order to respect the motor and cognitive development of the child, does not prevent in any case the requirement of the fundamental knowledge related to the instrument. Each lesson follows roughly the same pattern and includes both simple fingering exercises, original studies that point to a specific difficulty, and more musical pieces. For the selection of these pieces, we can distinguish three types of works: - children's songs or nursery rhymes that can be part of the cultural baggage of the child - pieces of repertoire most often drawn from the orchestral corpus and arranged so to allow the game to several: two oboes or with piano (whose accompaniment remains very simple in order to be played by the teacher or by a student pianist) - original pieces whose accompaniment appears on the attached CD *: these pieces appeal to the musical environment of the child and allow an opening to other styles (waltz musette, techno, world music, ...). Because of their playful nature, they also encourage the student to a daily work less tedious and much more rewarding. We have chosen to leave room for the creation of the child by proposing transposition, invention ... We can only recommend to each teacher to explore these tracks even more widely! Finally, we wanted to start from the morphology of the child and his innate sense of grasping the instrument by starting the learning with C and F sharp. These two notes require the use of both indexes and therefore imply a more stable behavior of the instrument from the first sounds: the body balance of the child is respected and he gradually acquires an awareness of the synchronization of the fingers between hand right and left hand. Before leaving you to discover this book and its most endearing characters, we would like to dedicate it to our students: it is to answer their questions, their difficulties, but also their enthusiasm that Séraphine and Augustin have seen the day. * For each piece, you will find on the CD the original version and a version with the accompaniment alone. See the list of ranges at the end of the method.

Monnier Delphine / Challéat Ombeline - Seraphine and Augustine - Partition -
32.00 £

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