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Charlotte goes to the Music
Sarah Chardonnens

Musical Awakening - Musical Training

Original title: Charlotte se met à la Musique

With CD . From 18 Months to 6 Years

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Van de Velde



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A story with the rhythm removed, images, music, sounds: enough to awaken and maintain the curiosity of the youngest, by making them, in turn, according to their age, listen, watch, move, imitate, sing, draw. .. In nine episodes, Charlotte the little witch tells the antics of her friends through situations - both funny and touching - in which each event is an excuse to approach and appreciate the components of sound: height, duration, timbre, intensity, space, dynamics. A book-record for the story, the images, the educational objectives, the activities to be implemented with the children who will discover with enthusiasm the turbulent complicities that unite Tutu the toad, Fifi the cat, Leon the snake and the family Solfège, the small spider colony inhabiting Charlotte's hat. Interactive support of various situations, Charlotte puts herself at the music finds its place as well in the family environment as in the playful, social, educational, cultural structures welcoming children from 18 months to 6 years. First, to feel ... ... it is this essential encounter between the child and the world of sounds - and music plays a large part in it - that this work is devoted.

Sarah Chardonnens - Charlotte goes to the Music - Partition -
20.91 £

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