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Rhythm in the Skin

Joy Kane

Original title: Le Rythme dans la Peau

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The rhythm is movement ... It requires displacements, with so much force, in so much time, according to such durations, etc. These can be as small as the heartbeat or breathing, or more important and visible in space. The movement provokes muscular sensations: the muscles that move, the energy expended to move, the tensions and relaxations according to the supports or suspensions, the attraction of gravity, the resistance to gravity. The rhythm in the skin encourages the person to move on musical rhythms in space / time while singing. It is a way of synthesizing the sensation of the rhythm lived with its name and / or description, then recognizing it orally and visually so that it can be reproduced, interpreted and used to create. Add to learning the notion of pleasure allows you to progress faster and get better memory. Thus, these songs are made to be both funny and instructive, to be sung, danced and lived with others. They are classified by subject rather than age or level. To draw as you wish! ... Go ahead, have the rhythm in the skin!

Joy Kane - Rhythm in the Skin - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.co.uk
25.27 £


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