The viola Mnemosis Collection
Fredéric Lainé

Original title: l' Alto - Collection Mnemosis

Appearance of the instrument from the origins to today


Anne Fuzeau

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In the Mnémosis collection, Anne Fuzeau Classique presents the first volume of a series of books devoted to musical instruments. Each volume will deal with all aspects of an instrument from the beginning to today: history, bill, pedagogy, repertoire, performers, role in the orchestra and chamber music ... The overall plan is always chronological.
It is therefore the indispensable companion of all professional or amateur instrumentalists, historians, musicologists. This first work, devoted to the viola, is the work of Frédéric Lainé, brilliant teacher, performer and historian of this instrument.

This book presents, in about sixty chapters, a chronological tour of the viola, from the origins to the twentieth century. The history of the viola is singular as is the course of this instrument too close to the violin, and for this reason was belatedly considered a specialty. Any violinist can easily play viola, without any particular studies, one thinks until the dawn of the twentieth century. Thus, it seems useless to focus exclusively on it and it is often considered at best as an auxiliary instrument. His story is written by violinists who serve him on occasions, sometimes with enthusiasm, often without much conviction. Long dedicated to the supporting role, however, it will begin, especially from the late third of the eighteenth century, a quest for identity that will allow him gradually to escape the tutelage violin. Thus, thanks to those who perceived the richness of its timbre and its potential (Bach, Mozart, Berlioz, Wagner, Richard Strauss ...), the interpreters who served his cause (Rolla, Urhan, Tertis, Hindemith, Old, Primrose ...), the viola is now a recognized instrument, now served by a brilliant generation of performers.
This book deals with the different facets of the history of the viola (invoice, repertoire, interpreters, pedagogy). He devotes an important part to the group (orchestra and chamber music), an essential element in the evolution of the viola and the musical role of the violist. It is completed by a chapter "anatomy of the instrument" (figures and glossary of the terms of violin making) as well as an important bibliography, illustrations and numerous musical examples.

34.02 £

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