Violin Method Volume 3
Claude-Henry Joubert

Violin Method - Sheet music

Original title: Méthode de Violon Volume 3

12 studies to write oneself, in 1st and 3rd positions

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These studies have several objectives:
- put into practice all the musical and technical elements discussed in the first two volumes of this method. Not all fingerings are indicated: learning to find good fingerings, in first and third positions, is an essential learning from the beginning of instrumental studies (it is not forbidden to get help from his teacher ...).
- to get started in the composition. Twenty-first century music will not be that of previous centuries. It seems important that all musicians, amateurs, professionals, students, and already students, can try to write their own music.
- to lay the foundations of a method of analysis. If we want to understand how our illustrious elders wrote their works, we should question their own music.
Many aspects of musical composition are addressed in these studies: shapes, squares, sentences, cadences, melody, harmony, tone, modality ...

COMPOSER is not an activity reserved for mature adults. The word composer comes from the Latin cum-ponere, to pose with. We compose a menu or a bouquet.
The music composer does not create, he has, in his own way, the elements of an existing sound material.

Each study is an opportunity for a com-position, all the musical elements are provided - just assemble, each in its own way. These are very simple exercises, recipes that can be modified according to everyone's tastes, such as cooking recipes.

How to do ?
- bring a music book, a pencil, and especially an eraser,
- play everything you write, and LISTEN!
- and have fun as much as the author of these studies ...

Claude-Henry Joubert

18.37 £

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