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The Nightingale in love
Tristan Murail

Sheet music - Piano

Original title: Le Rossignol en amour

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In May, in a hedge of holm oaks, in front of the terrace, a nightingale took up residence. All month long, day and night, he sang. He was very in love.
Except for the title, this piece, commissioned by Ars Mobilis, has no relation to the homonymous piece by François Couperin ... The nightingale songs - which are of a great variety and a great fantasy - have been analyzed using spectral analysis software, then processed by various transposition, time dilation, stretching, frequency algorithms, etc.). Thus appear melodic elements, harmonic colors, etc., all extracts and derivatives of the song of the nightingale.
Tristan Murail
09/15/2019 - Paris, Les Solistes à Bagatelle, Orangerie - Fabrizio Chiovetta (piano)
Ars Mobilis for the Les Solistes festival in Bagatelle


Tristan Murail - The Nightingale in love - Partition -
15.29 £

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