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Klassik Meets Jazz Volume 1
Divers / Korn

Sheet music - Piano

With online download code for recorded songs (formerly CD). 20 Famous Classic Pieces In their Original Version and In a Jazz Version.


Uwe Korn

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 9783795719630 9790001209823

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This volume contains a wide selection of famous musical themes from Bach to Carl Orff. Some of them were originally written for the piano- most of the piano. Each piece is followed by a jazz interpretation, which can be played alone or alongside the 'original' version. Perhaps this will show that the 'classics' are not all that far removed from jazz, and that music of that period contains many of the essential characteristics of jazz. Does not Lully's 'Gavotte', for instance, contain one of the most famous jazz themes ever? The 'Blue Gavotte' may make this clearer. The theme from Mozart's Sonata in A Major (K 331) does not require many rhythmic changes to give it a blues flavor ('Mozart Goes Blues'). The Orph's 'O Fortuna' would follow modern jazz-rock performers well, with a few small changes ('A Fortune for a Tune'). What do Bizet's' Habanera ', Brahms'' Hungarian Dance No. 5 'and Paganini's' Caprice No. 24' have in common? Why have they been turned into salsa music ('Habanera con Cigarro', 'Hungarian Salsa No. 5', 'Capriccio Latino')? Much of this is up to the individual: if you want to discover similarities, they are easy to find. It is difficult to convey a jazz interpretation through musical notation alone, so it can not be interpreted, but to offer ideas and suggestions.


 Divers / Korn - Klassik Meets Jazz Volume 1 - Partition -
22.45 £

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