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Song Travel - Volume 2

Catherine Keller

Original title: Voyage en Chansons - Volume 2


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This second volume of travel in songs is still based on orality.
Indeed, the child learns to sing, to play before reading. Thus, each notion essential to the training of the musician is approached in a sensory way by the listening, the voice, the body and the instrumental realization.
Adapted to the language of the children, this collection allows a free use to the teachers:
20 lessons are organized in the same way, helping the students to find their bearings easily: singing, intonation, rhythmic games and voice / percussion (body) / instrument ensembles.

Group pedagogy is privileged.
At the end of the book, each lesson has its home page.
Families who are eager to accompany their child in the discovery of musical heritage songs, will find here as many memories to transmit as new discoveries to discover.
To each and every one, I wish a pleasant musical journey, and that the practice is the source of a personal enrichment.

Catherine KELLER

Catherine Keller - Song Travel - Volume 2 - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.co.uk
21.01 £


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Catherine Keller - Song Travel - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.co.ukKELLER CATHERINE
Song Travel
Solfeggio - Music Training
21.01 £