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Discover the Waltzes - String Trio

String Trio

Original title: Discover the Waltzes - Trio ร  cordes

flexible collection thong trio. Easy level to elementary.


Nico Dezaire

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De Haske


 9789043142397 9790035230732

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For string ensembles that play using multiple instrumental combinations, the Flexible String Trios collection offers an ingenious solution: the conductor contains three parts, each of which can be played by a violin, a viola or a cello. This means that the songs can be played in any configuration, depending on the musicians available. In order to obtain a balanced sound, however, it is advisable to interpret the first voice to the highest pitch, and to distribute the other two voices accordingly on the more serious instruments. In addition to the driver, the score set includes nine separate parts because each voice is played for each of the three instruments. In addition, each part can be multiplied at will, so as to extend the trio to a large string ensemble: the more musicians, the more fun!

Discover the Waltzes - String Trio - Partition -
15.59 £

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