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Musical evasion
Elisabeth et Emmanuelle LAMARQUE

Music Training - Musical Awakening

Original title: Evasion musicale

With CD .

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This book is an invitation to travel from one continent to another, for pleasure and openness:
- by music (singing, practice of small instruments, listening to traditional or scholarly music)
- by the body (songs with gestures, choreographed songs, body games with or without sound support)
- through play (recognition game, making instruments, singing, dancing, noisy stories, instrumental card games).

For who ?
- for children from 4 to 8 years old over one or more years, each trip can last the necessary or desired time.
- for all adults wishing to awaken the curiosity, imagination and creativity of children through a diversified sound and body universe, therefore, in schools and at home.

A CD accompanies this book. This disc, more than just a teaching aid, can be listened to separately. It contains songs in the language of the country and in French, very eclectic musical extracts and the discovery of many instruments.


A CD book for a world tour in music
Traveling from one continent to another by the sheer force of music is the challenge of Evasion musicale, an educational guide full of ideas to arouse the curiosity, imagination and creativity of 4-8 years.
The awakening by the music (singing, listening, practice of small instruments ...) is completed of corporal activities (songs with gestures, choreographed, corporal games) and playful (sound recognition, manufacture of instruments, games sung, danced , sound effects ...).
The whole constitutes a real mine of pedagogical and musical propositions, to carry out in connection with other disciplines (arts, geography ...), and to enrich (evocation of the customs, reading of tales ...) according to each country visited .
The CD that accompanies the book contains songs in the language of the country and in French, as well as very eclectic musical extracts and the discovery of many instruments.

The Class No. 261 (September 2015)


Elisabeth et Emmanuelle LAMARQUE - Musical evasion - Partition -
13.98 £

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